Broken light switch or outlet? Need a brand new light switch or outlet installed? Need to convert to a GFCI outlet? Call on Bridges Electric!

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When it comes to all things switches and outlets, we can install, repair, or replace whatever you need.


Whatever type of switch you need installed, replaced, repaired, or moved, we offer the professional experience, fast service, and affordable prices you're looking for.

  • Light switch
  • Toggle light switch
  • Single switch
  • Double switch
  • Triple switch
  • Dimmer switch
  • Motion sensor switch
  • Ceiling fan switch
  • Garbage disposal switch
  • Bathtub jet switch
  • And more

Outlets & Receptacles

In addition to light switches we specialize in the installation, replacement, repair, and moving or outlets and receptacles. Whether indoor or outdoor, we can help.

One of our specialties is GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlets which are designed to shut off when it detects a potentially dangerous ground fault. You'll most likely find them in your kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoors. GFCI outlets are very important to the health and safety of your family and employees. Always ensure they're working correctly.

In addition to GFCI outlets, we can install, replace, repair, and upgrade GFCI circuit breakers in your panel box.